We are a virtual reality gallery for non-fungible art tokens on the Tezos blockchain. Our mission is to elevate art that is sustainable and digital first.

About glry.xyz

We want to create a VR art experience that gives you a deeper experience of art than a physical museum. We want visitors to learn about the artists we display and the art historical context they exist in. We also want to help visitors enjoy building their own art collections.

We're a for-profit organization and want the artists in our collection and the collectors dealing with us to have commercial success. We also reinvest the majority of our funds into the tezos art marketplaces and supporting us supports the entire ecosystem.

glry.xyz is founded and operated by Mats Stafseng Einarsen.

Follow us on Twitter for news and questions.

Visit our hic et nunc profile to confirm ownership.

We want to say thanks to

Novaidea Creative Resources for creative assistance, logo and poster design.
Lydian Stater for exhibition partnership
Hicdex for data
Tzkt.io for data and account information
Angela Tsiriplis for curation and support
hic et nunc for being the best open art platform around.
A-Frame VR and three.js for providing our reality.
Zapsplat for sounds
Sketchfab, particularly mega-3d and Marcin Lubecki for amazing 3d models.
Stuart Langridge for sortable html tables

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