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Exhibition 2: Latent Space Exploration

VR Main Gallery: Main exhibition [133mb] ->
VR Main Gallery 2: Main exhibition continued [133mb] ->
VR Main Gallery 3: Bas Uterwijk, Helena Sarin and Broken Mindset [133mb] ->
VR Boiler Room: Marlon Hacla [126mb] ->
Zen Room: Violeta Lopéz [45mb] ->

What does Generative Adversarial Networks offer art? Is it a new aesthetic? Does it reveal deeper truths and connections found in the cross-sections of large data sets? Or is it simply a curve fitting exercise?

We show some works from our own collection that explore what GAN can do for art from a range of different approaches. Marlon Hacla explores the natural world and fine art in the Boiler Room, and there's Violeta Lopéz' pioneering exploration of volumetric GAN in the Zen Room. Our feature on Bas Uterwijk/Ganbrood, Helena Sarin and Broken Mindset occasionally touches the uncanny valley - and sometimes is just unambiguously uncanny.

And of course, the main exhibition displays a huge range of explorations, demonstrating how art can test the boundaries of technology while also giving it life and purpose.


David A. N. Cheifetz
"My AI-based artwork. GAN trained by my oil paintings + digital manipulation."

Adam Eivy
Programmer side of @antic, performing highly experimental code related art.

Marlon Hacla/sintang_ligalig
Generative art, deep learning, artificial intelligence.

Exploring the intersection of art and technology.

Latent Space Astronaut | ML art creator and curator | Machine Learning and Crypto Art enthusiast | I enjoy all kinds of art.

Musician/Digital Artist

Violeta Lopéz

Sandro Miccoli
Brazilian generative artist exploring creative coding and artificial intelligence.

Broken Mindset
Multimedia artist from Germany. I work with AI and conventional techniques. My spectrum ranges from abstract and glitchart to animation art.

Erin Mulligan
GAN artist and painter

NFT Phoenix
GAN & Digital artist from Russia. Interested in machine learning and artificial intelligence


Gregorio Nash
Transmedial Artist - Neighborhood "Don Orione" Buenos Aires - Argentina

AI & Mixed Media. Influences include Chinese & Japanese Art, Calligraphy & Typography. Graffiti & Street Art. Modernist & MidCentury Design.

Adi Oohgaga
Musician/Photographer/Artist trying to find the heart in GAN, and other eclectic stuff. #lgbtqia #neurodivergent

Helena Sarin
shaping the interesting and human out of the dump heap of latent space

Nathan Shipley
Exploring AI and generative art.

Ivona Tau
Generative AI Artist working with my photography datasets.

Generated Flowers 🌹 GAN (Generative adversarial network) Machine Learning 🌷 Say it with flowers that doesn't exist 💐

Igan Tinapay

Ryan Thompson
Visual artist, designer and book publisher based in Montréal, Canada.

Jeremy Torman
I use Galkyd based oil paints, acrylics, resins and machine learning combined with photography.

Human and machine generated art.

Bas Uterwijk / Ganbrood
Post Photographer, Latent Space Explorer

VR Main Gallery: Main exhibition [133mb] ->
VR Boiler Room: Marlon Hacla [126mb] ->
Zen Room: Violeta Lopéz [45mb] ->
VR Main Gallery: Bas Uterwijk, Helena Sarin and Broken Mindset [133mb] ->

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