We are a virtual reality gallery for non-fungible art tokens on the Tezos blockchain. Our mission is to elevate art that is sustainable and digital first.

Collector's tools: Capital Gains and Losses

Get an overview of your trades of Hic et Nunc objkts with date corrected currency conversion to fiat currencies.

Gains ->

Partner Exhibition:
Clockwork Cosmos by Copy Planet

Copy Planet is a cosmic system born during the pandemic. This series of 6 gifs reflect on the flow of energy, geometry and rhythm inherent in the universe already known to the ancients.

glry.xyz/clockwork-cosmos ->

Collector's tools: Tezos live

Watch sales, mints, swaps and curations on Tezos as they happen

glry.xyz/live ->

Collector's tools: Collection value appraisal

Assess the value of a Hic et Nunc collection using the tool we use to keep track of ours.

glry.xyz/value ->

Exhibition 6: Calculated Objects

With over 60 pieces, comprised of stills, video and 3d objects across 5 rooms, this exhibition of our collection of generative art is our most ambitious yet.

glry.xyz/generative ->

Exhibition 5: Sara Simms & Melleefresh - Kreator

Sara Simms & Melleefresh team up on Kreator, a techno and drum’n’ bass tinged stormer

glry.xyz/kreator ->

Exhibition 4: Hakurei Neko

Our first single artist exhibition leaves a lot to the imagination

glry.xyz/hakurei-neko ->

Exhibition 3: Architects and Art

Architect artists from our collection.

glry.xyz/architects ->

Exhibition 2: Latent Space Exploration

Artistic explorations of generative adversarial networks.

glry.xyz/gan ->

Exhibition 1: Hello World

An introduction to our collection of sustainable NFT art.

glry.xyz/hello-world ->

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